People are playing my most boring game again!

Waiting simulator, my first game where you wait and try to get a new high score each time, get bored forever waiting forever in an endless loop of waiting for the next text to appear. It finally has people playing it again!

play here to get bored forever

@element1010 Look how long I waited lol

This isn’t possible, the numbers look weird since they’re in order 1234… Why would you take a screenshot at that exact moment… That’s a little suspicious…

I know what you did

You basically changed the print statement to print that long number.

You caught me red headed

I’m good at detecting suspicious stuff :smiley:

Btw, here’s how I found it out:

  • The number starts with 1234567890. There’s no reason for this/you wouldn’t take an exact screenshot of a number starting with 1234…
  • The number then has 98765432, again there’s no reason the number is exactly strucutred like this.
  • It then has repeating digits which are very suspicious.
  • Waiting that long would probably take YEARS.

Nice detective work.

BTW I got bored at 60 seconds