Pay with dutch debit card or IBAN no


Is it possible to pay with a IBAN number or a Dutch debit card? I’ve been wanting to upgrade to the hacker plan for ages but can’t really figure out how to pay for it because i dont have a credit card.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @PixelWareStudios thanks for your post and welcome to the community!

I’m not sure but I’ve reached out to the Replit team for a definitive answer. Hopefully I can get back to you very soon.


Hi again @PixelWareStudios

You should be able to pay for cycles with your debit card. If it doesn’t work for any reason can you provide more details e.g. any error message you see. Please be careful not to share any information about your debit card or other personal details though!


I’m fairly sure any service that supports credit card (or master card), will also support debit card.


Hello again @IanAtReplit

I can’t pay using the normal stripe thing, as it doesn’t support IBAN (as far as I know), so I’m using Google pay to pay with my card as i already have that set up.

However, when i click the pay button i keep getting error “An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later. [OR-IBIDL-01]”, I’ve been trying this since yesterday morning (well over 24 hours ago) and i haven’t got any further than this…

Does this mean it’s not supported or is it something with my google account?

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Hi @PixelWareStudios thanks for your reply.

Sounds strange as I’ve used Google Pay for my cycles and it worked. I think it might be an issue between your bank + Google Pay but could you please email and they can check to see if there is any other information in the back end that might help solve the issue.


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