Pay for AI with Cycles Option Is Not Working

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Pay for AI with Cycles

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I am trying to use the GUI under the Cycles option to purchase AI for 1,000 cycles per month (as displayed on the screen), but the only option is to pay $20 a month with a credit card.

What areas or features are involved?
Cycles section, paying for AI.

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This is a short screencast (40 seconds) that demonstrates the problem.

Hi @ToddBenrud , welcome to the forums!
Replit AI is free and not paid, but you’ll have weekly limits. If you want to access the Advanced model, it’s only available to Pro, and I don’t think you can buy it with Cycles.
Hope this helps!

I think when it was still Ghostwriter, you could pay 1,000 cycles per month for it. But now that the Basic features of it are free, they’re only including it inside of the higher tier/plan. Kinda dumb but it is what it is

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Basic is free and available to everyone, even Free plan users. It becomes unlimited for Pro and Advanced is only available to Pro.


What is the workflow to convert cycles to credits?

I tried the google form and emailed support & sales, but nothing works. Any assistance is appreciated.

Hello @ToddBenrud We have your ticket in Support. Please look for my private response shortly.

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