Password Guesser

This is a program that asks you for your password, then keeps guessing until it finds your password.

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What is it supposed to do if it knows your password already?
Also, it takes wayyy too long to try.

This repl, as I understand it, was created in order to use the password selection code if the password itself is unknown. But I can’t think of a single legal example of its use.

To speed up the selection of a password, I suggest that before sorting through random characters, sort through combinations of different words and numbers in ascending order.

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@NateDhaliwal wdym? Brute force guessing passwords can take from a few seconds up to thousands of years. The longer it is the longer it takes exponentially. Check out these websites to learn more → What Is a Brute Force Attack and How Long to Crack My Password & How Long Does It Take a Hacker to Brute Force a Password in 2023 - NetSec.News.


@SnakeyKing if you haven’t already you can store a bunch of common passwords in a dictionary and make your code check those first before it brute forces the rest.