Panda3D in Replit, can it work?

Does Replit support Panda3D at all? / Are you able to create a functional graphic pipeline?

Feel free to fork my project to see the error in its entirety.

I messed around with the config.prc file to get a different error that seems like it’s beginning to work. It was different from the original error about it not finding any form of graphic pipeline, and now it seems to just load a ton of errors. Specifically an error “opening directory /dev/input” with it saying that no such file exists.

:device(error): Error adding inotify watch on /dev/input: No such file or directory
:device(error): Error opening directory /dev/input: No such file or directory

There are also quite a few other errors, but I feel that the directory error is the major cause. One final note I have when running my code is that it doesn’t stop running even after encountering multiple errors.

Any help at all with this would be great!

TL:DR Can Panda3D work in replit?