Packages Tab Missing

Is anyone else now missing the “Packages” tab from their repls in Teams for Edu? I am working in Java and the option seems to be missing today. It shows up in a normal repl, but not for Teams for Edu. I just need to install a package for a student project.

I did notice there is a new “System Dependencies” tab that shows what is installed. Maybe this new feature broke Teams for Edu?? Just wanted to ask, because if that’s the case, it doesn’t give me a ton of confidence that Teams for Edu will continue to be functional even anywhere close to their sunset date. Thanks!

Can you still install packages via the shell?

Doesn’t appear so. I updated pom.xml and ran mvn dependency:copy-dependencies which works in a normal non-Teams for Edu repl (this is what the Packages tab does). I also tried mvn clean install, but that didn’t work either.

Sadly, I don’t have any experience with Teams for Edu. Can you send a screenshot of the editor as an example, so I can take a look (and see what’s the same as a normal repl)

I appreciate your help, but I’m not exactly sure what you want a screenshot of. The packages tab is missing and running the maven commands that work in a non-Teams for edu does not install the packages either. There is nothing really to show aside from the errors in the console saying that the package does not exist.

The only thing solution I found that works is that I have to download the .jar files for the packages and include in the class path for the compile and run commands like shown below. Doesn’t give me a lot of hope that Teams for Edu will continue to work in a few months time.

compile = "javac -cp jackson/jackson-databind-2.16.0-sources.jar -cp jackson/jackson-databind-2.16.0.jar"
run = "java -cp .:jackson/jackson-databind-2.16.0-sources.jar -cp .:jackson/jackson-databind-2.16.0.jar Main"

I guess it’s possible that packages used something on replits end for teams, so it no longer works now that support is gone. I personally think Teams for Edu will manage to run, as it’s separate from replit itself…

It’s not? It’s a part of Replit. (Basically just Teams with more EDU specific features)

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Replit specific features (not teams), shouldn’t break the EDU though? Besides it would take a pretty major change to actually break Teams for EDU (I can imagine possible glitches though)

What template are you using for the Teams for EDU project and normal Repl?

The standard Java template.