Package module looks empty

Problem description:

When trying to look for a package to install, nothing appear, like if the package module in replit was empty.
Please note that I’ve made sure the package I’m looking for is available in PyPi (PrettyTable)
I also tried with other well known packages, none of them appear.

Expected behavior:

The package “prettytable” should appear when looking for it, and I should be able to install it.

Actual behavior:
No package is found, and I have the following message under the search bar.

You don’t have any packages installed. Try searching for a package to install, or learn more about packages here.

Steps to reproduce:

Please try to install prettytable package on replit.

Bug appears at this link:

Browser/OS/Device/Plan (Hacker, Pro, N/A):

I’m on a DELL Laptop, on Chrome, and I’m learning Python currently.

Hi @LeopoldRouzier , welcome to the forums!
You can enter pip install [module name] into the Shell. Replit Packages are sometimes unreliable.
Be sure to replace [module name] with the name of the module you want to install.
Hope this helps!