Package Manager down?

I’ve encountered a problem with a script that has run fine before today:

AttributeError: partially initialized module 'logging' has no attribute 'getLogger' (most likely due to a circular import)

(traced back to an attempt to import requests)

Further digging reveals that when attempting to create new Repls and installing requests through package manager, I get this in console:

--> poetry add 'requests 2.31.0'
Using version ^2.31.0 for requests

Could not find a matching version of package 2.31.0
exit status 1

Browser: Chrome
Plan (Replit Core):

Hi @brandburner !
The reason for it is that it treats requests and 2.31.0 as 2 different modules (@NuclearPasta0 Can uou confirm this?).
I think that you can try entering this line below entrypoint in the .replit file:

disableGuessImports = true

Then install the modules manually.
Hope this helps!

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Disabling import guessing will most likely not work since OP was already manually installing it.

Instead, use shell commands or auto guessing to install requests, as the Packages tool is currently broken.

poetry add requests

This topic is a duplicate of:


(original error is also already resolved)