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**Question:Why i cant install package in replit **

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Hi @prathyakshshett , welcome to the forums!
What is the problem you encounter when installing packages?
Note that you should be using poetry add package-name in the Shell, where package-name is the name of the package, like flask.
Hope this helps!

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You should use the Packages tool to install packages. Are there any errors?
(Note that poetry is only for python repls.)


It shows error while I instal package like discord.js and etc

What is the error? Post it.

Hi @prathyakshshett !
Try entering npm install discord.js in the Shell.

it shows error like this

are you sure you need to install discord.js? (on replit)


see this section:

called discord.js. Normally we would install this third-party library through npm, but because we’re using Replit, we can skip the installation.

try to use discord.js without installing it and see what happens. if there is still an error please post here

no I want many package all shows same error I just give example as discord.js

Hi @prathyakshshett !
Try moving all your code to a new repl and try installing it from there.

bro i made same code again and again to install it and try with other language too nothing worked and tell me one thing we can install package without writing any code? bcoz I can test is package installing or not before writing code

Hey @prathyakshshett, could you try using package managers directly without using the packager tool? That way, we could get whatever errors might be occuring when you try to install packages.

how can i open package manager can u explain or any specific vedio i tried downloading by both npm install and direct download from package both didn’t work

npm should have worked, could you share the error you got when you tried?