P5js Webview Not Working

My webview isn’t loading and I don’t know why, it happens only with every project with p5js in it where the webview doesn’t load, and it happens with every project that is p5js, even if it has no code in it or if it does have code in it. I have also tried making different accounts and trying it on different browsers but its still not working, and I tried allowing cookies but that did not help either
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code snippet

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Looks like your repl is being blocked (perhaps by your organization or school, if applicable).

Try the following:


Hi @polkakiwi , welcome to the forums!
Could you try entering kill 1 in the Shell?

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O thanks for telling me about tags, I didn’t know. Also I tried to clear the cookies and it would work but then after I refreshed the page or exited it, it would go back to the same problem. I saw on the link that you sent that I can show you a photo of what the console looks like so this is it

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I see something about 3rd party cookies being blocked is there a way to change that? Also in settings its already unblocked but for some reason in the console it says its blocked, Thx for helping me!