Output Window "There was an error connecting to the server."

The output screen get an error that says “there was an error connecting to the server.” Once this message appears on a project, the window will no longer work, even after refresh, shell kill 1 command, signing out and back in, clearing browser cache, etc. The only temporary fix is to fork the project, but it only a matter of time until the error returns. The cause seems to be that, if the Replit project disconnects, even for a split second, this somehow breaks the Output window’s connection, and then it refuses to reconnect.

Is this a known bug?

I am using a personal account, on a private Repl.

I often experience this but it is usually fixable. (Sometimes there is a deeper underlying cause that requires more work, but this case doesn’t seem to be one.)

So, when your repl disconnects for a bit, the output screen shows there was an error connecting to server.
To fix this (for me at least), run your project so that it is displaying something (even if you currently cannot see it), then click Try again, or refresh, or close the Output tab and open a new one, while it is running. Your program obviously must have some sort of display loop for this to work.

I’d recommend running your project, waiting for a few seconds (or until you know there is display output), then repeatedly clicking Try again. If it is still not working, then refresh while the repl is still running.


This worked, thanks. Kind of sucks that this bug exists though.

sorry but it still didn’t work after more than 6 times

Most likely then, your network is blocking the output domain (<…>.replit.dev or something). Either unblock it, or I think firewalledreplit.com might work.

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it didn’t work and my network isn’t blocking the output domain

wow, all of these online services are really poor substitutes for a good ide. It’s frustrating not being able to get help on this problem. It’s a known problem, fix it!

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is there any solution to the problem?