Output window not loading, just spinning wheel

Trying to do the first lesson and the output window will not work. I have cleared my cache, deleted the lesson and started a new one. No success.


On Chrome, Macbook


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Hey @DougFox, welcome to the community!

Try going to the cover page and see if it appears. Output tabs in the editor can sometimes be slow to load.

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How do I get to the cover page? Tried searching this and I can’t seem to find it in the lesson. I’m on"Project-0-Meet-the-Turtle"

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Click in the upper left corner of the repl where the name is shown, then select Cover Page. You can also add ?v=1 to the end of the URL instead.

Thanks for that. Unfortunately just getting the same issue


Basically, if you’re on a school device, the output doesn’t load because it’s blocked or something. I’ve never faced this issue (because I don’t use Replit on a school device) but I know other people have.

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Yeah this is the only info I’m getting when researching my issue. I’m not on a school device. My own personal macbook

Huh, well I guess it’s blocked on your device too. I don’t really understand the issue so I can’t help you much here.

To clarify, if you are on anything school it might cause a problem. School network, device, or even chrome profile might cause problems. Also, try and check if .repl.co sites work and other things that are commonly blocked. Lastly, try opening dev tools network tab, and looking to see if any related fetch/XHR/web socket requests are being blocked.


Try making a new Repl and pasting the same code in. When I face this issue, sometimes that helps.

He already mentioned that he has deleted and recreated the lesson, but that did not help fix the issue.


I was able to fix the issue by using another browser rather than chrome.

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