Output window not connecting when repl starts

Problem description:
output window not connecting when repl starts

Expected behavior:
output window should connect when repl starts

Actual behavior:
output window not connecting when repl starts

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:


Hi @MatthewGrumman , welcome to the forums! The Output window should open when the code reaches the part where the Output window is needed.


Well it should, but it might not be working at times. Is this problem affecting other users?

So you are trying to say it does not not appear when it is supposed to?

@MatthewGrumman can you provide an image of it not working? (BTW This known as a proxy and can allow people to bypass restrictions so it is not a good idea to continue on with this because it can lead to a removal of your Repl and more things as well.)
It looks to work fine for me »

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It might not be the restrictions, though I could not show you an image however.