Output window keep spinning

I’m using pygwidget for my school assignment. The code runs on my local machine fine and displays the game. My professor can run my code on Replit on his end and see the output window. However, when I run the code, the output window keeps spinning (no error on the console).
I tried different browsers, but no luck.

This seems to have been a common error lately. Could you try navigating to your Repl, and adding ?v=1 to the end of the URL? This should open the cover page, which you can then run the project from there. If something is interfering it should result in an error.

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I tried this, but same thing.
I’m certain that is account related issue and nothing else.

  • I used 2 different laptop.
  • I tried chrome, Firefox, edge, and safari.
  • I tried hotspot connection.
    The code runs perfect, when I run it locally on pycharm. TA can run it on his end with no problem also.
    It seems like my account has this issue.

I honestly think this is a Replit-wide issue because it seems like many others are facing the same problem themselves. It may be necessary to forward this over to the Replit team for investigation.

In the mean time, you might just have to test locally, and depending on what OS you are using, convert to Unix if needed to work on Replit.

Do some of your other accounts work?


Hey @Arashzare92!

Can you please send me the link to your Repl so I can take a look?

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I need to mention that I tried it with my School VPN ON, and it worked ( I have not use the School vpn in months).
Also need to mention that I did not have this problem at the begining of semester.


I just ran the pygame test on my other account (created using personal email), and the same issue.
Need to mention that the issue is new, and I had no problem at the begining of the semester.

Hi @Arashzare92, I believe the staff team is currently investigating this, and I’ll try to notify you when I hear of a fix.

To clarify, your School VPN allows you to access sites that your school’s network blocks? If that is the case, then repl.co or id.repl.co might be blocked by your school’s network.

To fix this, you can use firewalledreplit.com which has some special considerations on what URLs we use to prevent any essential URL from being blocked. You can also forward this to your school’s IT administrator to have our essential domains/URLs unblocked: https://docs.replit.com/teams-edu/it-administrators-toolkit