Output tool missing when creating new repls

As of today, the Output tool is missing when creating new repls.
The attached screenshot shows the place where i used to find it. Now it’s gone.
Have changes been made for everyone or am i doing something wrong?
Any info/help appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @thenygaard, by output, do you mean the ‘webview’ tab?

If you are looking for the webview button, then it will only appear if your repl is a HTML/CSS/JS repl/template or a server with an opened port.


Hi @thenygaard , welcome to the forums!
If your repl needs the Output in the program, it will open automatically when the program runs.
Hope this helps!

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Not if like I said above:

Thanks for replying @SnakeByte and @NateDhaliwal.
My repl is just plain python. The output window used to open automatically, and if not i could it in the Tools menu. But 2 minutes ago it magically appeared again.
So case closed i guess.


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