Output Screen - Python Turtle - Cannot Connect to Server

I am a teacher and have 3 groups of students (circa 100 individuals) who are learning how to draw using the Turtle module.

We were working find up to our Christmas break. On our return to school all the students are getting a error in the output pane stating the “cannot connect to server”. I am also getting the message.

Aside from the school equipment the students are also getting this message at home on their on devices.

All other aspects of repl.it are working fine however no drawn output is somewhat of a show stopper.

I have a few cludgy workarounds on some students laptopos involving disconnecting the WIFI the reconnecting , private browser mode - clearing caches that work on occasion but its all a bit hit and miss.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions? Have any of you seen this before and can advise.

Mr Z

Hey @MrZambon ! Welcome to the forums!

Currently there is another topic with the same problem, but this topic is solved. You might want to check it out here: Python Turtles NOT Showing Output
Even though I don’t really know what’s currently happening @ replit.com, I hope this post can help solve your problem.