Output not displaying - Error connecting to server

My students and I are having trouble viewing the output when using the turtle module in Python. Everything else is working correctly aside from the output. The error message is below, and clicking on the link it gives shows a page that says “Hmm… We couldn’t reach this repl.” We’re seeing this issue across multiple machines and accounts and on different browsers on one computer. When we connect the laptop to a cellular hotspot, the output works correctly, and it works correctly when connected to home WiFi. The link in the error message loads the same “Hmm… We couldn’t reach this repl.” regardless of how the computer is connected to the internet.

We’ve used Repl.it for the last two and a half years, and this issue started to appear this year. Refreshing the page typically resolved the issue, but since Dec. 1, we have not been able to get anything to work. I’ve also worked with my IT department to make sure repl.co is unblocked with no change. The issue appears to be an issue with our network, so does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Sample repl: https://replit.com/@AnthonyHarman/10-Turtle-Escape-Finished

Screenshot of the error message:

I’m pretty sure this has been going on for a lot of people recently. I doubt it’s a network issue, as repl.co being blocked would have caused repl’s to not run period. I don’t think a singular domain being blocked would (or could) cause inconsistent run errors.

A: Test if it works while a VPN is active (either an app or an extension should work, I recommend using CloudfareWarp to test)
B: Check with your IT if there are any replit related blocked links in general.

I suspect A will work, though not necessarily because of the network itself.
The other possibility is a bug within replit itself.

I guess with permission, you could just brute force it via a VPN or something…

I do have a few links to try:

You should look for DNS errors, not page couldn’t be found errors…

Another way to just do it is using firewalledreplit.com instead.
Using firewalledreplit has a few drawbacks such as no direct access to community aspects. Firewalledreplit runs through firewalledreplit.co instead of repl.co, so it’s a fairly surefire option (if repl.co is the actual problem). It also prevents proxies. The teacher will have to be in firewalled mode. Some previously opened repl’s from replit won’t work though, so watch out for that (there’s some sort of timeout). I guess you could just copy and paste code over though, since it’s running the actual program that you’re having issues with.

Sorry to intrude, but I would like to say that replit.co is completely unrelated to replit.com. please ensure the links are correct before posting them.

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It is indeed confusing that the domain for replit output is repl.co, but the domain for firewalled replit is firewalledreplit.co. Not consistent.

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Oops! I typed out the wrong link… Thanks!