Output Can't Connect To Server

Problem description

I’m unable to use the output tab as it displays:

"There was an error connecting to the server
If you see a browser error, it’s possible that your ISP have security settings blocking the URL. Please contact your ISP and ask them to unblock the URL above. Here are the support links for common ISPs:


I’ve tried many fixes from other reports of this issue yet nothing works to fix it

Expected behavior

Display my code

Actual behavior

Shows server error

Steps to reproduce

Open code, run code, open output tab




Windows 10

Device if mobile



Free tier

For me replit.com the output window works correctly, firewalledreplit though fails to connect the output on any replit showing the same error as you.

See Firewalledreplit - Output window not connecting and shows an error

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It’s happening to both repl and firewalled repl for me

i’ve raised it as a bug here but unfortunately it has not been resolved and i’ve even managed to raise it as a support ticket but no reply at all, this was 6 weeks ago.

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Yeah, repl has become quite incompetent now since the newest changes.

I guess they want their website to die and get replaced :man_shrugging: