Outbound Data Transfer and Replit DB


I would like to know if the usage of replit DB in my repls can significantly increase my outbound data transfer?


Hello, @pauldid, first of all, I would like to welcome you to the community. Also, you might find it more helpful if you were to possibly look it up. I found a little thing already if it doesn’t help I’m sure someone way smarter than me will come and help you soon. You are always ok to ask but sometimes it might be easier to look up what you need. Also hoping this doesn’t come off rude I just mean it in a helpful manner.

Link: https://blog.replit.com/announcing-outbound-data-transfer-limits

As @curhahn said, please search in the future, as this has already been asked and answered here:


Thank you for your reply. I had actually already read the Replit blog post but they don’t mention Replit DB anywhere, do they?

Thank you @Firepup650, this one was helpful!

I’ve actually searched the forum with “Outbound Data Transfer” but this very discussion didn’t show up with those keywords.

@curhahn @Firepup650
I would also have liked to have more insight into the transfers implied by the usage of Replit DB.
Is there a way to use it so that outbound data transfer doesn’t grow this big (especially as I just have a few MB in my database, same as @AJArshem )

Like… what the database does to Read/Write?

Theoretically, but it’s probably better to use a different database setup.

Hey @pauldid!

We have recently released documentation for outbound transfer that explains what counts towards the limit: https://docs.replit.com/hosting/outbound-transfer#what-counts-towards-outbound-transfer

Short answer: Yes, Replit Database does count towards outbound data transfer:


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