Out of sync! - Why does it do this?

Problem description

I have replit open on only one device and in one browser window. There are no other users on my account. How is it getting out of sync? It makes no sense. What can I do to prevent this?

Expected behavior

It should never be out of sync with one user, one tab and one device.

Actual behavior

It complains about being out of sync even though it is just me working on it.

Steps to reproduce

I cannot reliably reproduce this, but it does happen occasionally when working on a replit.




MacOS Sonoma 14.4

Device if mobile




Please upload screenshots

This may happen if you have frequest disconnects. Does this happen to you?


Adding on to Nate here, any edits made while the editor is in an Offline/Reconnecting state will be Out-of-Sync from what Replit expects them to be, and it complains.

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