Out of space in my Repl project

I made the mistake of accidentally trying to upload a 3 hour file from YouTube to replit and I think it took up all of my space because I got a notification saying that my Repl was out of storage. When I shortened the file to 1 minute and tried to re-upload it, it still said my Repl was out of storage. So I deleted some files but no matter what I do the storage is still at 100%. This isn’t going to work because I still have a few more photos and clips that need to be uploaded before I’m finished with the Repl. I think Replit is still trying to make space to upload that 3 hour file but I don’t want it to. Is there a way to tell it to remove the file so I can make space for new ones?

You can try restarting your repl by typing kill 1 in the shell.

Thanks for the reply! I tried it just now and it didn’t change anything.

Isn’t the storage of the repl account-wide and not repl-specific? Why would it do this then?

I’m not sure. I looked in my account and there seems to be plenty of space still left. This project is under a team though. Does that change anything?

It does, as IIRC teams Repls have old-style storage limits. You’ll need to see if you can delete the storage hogging file.

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