Other Replit Website Besides Replit.com

Is there another replit domain besides replit.com

  • firewalledreplit.com is an alternate domain (though has certain restrictions).
  • If you mean where the actual repl runs, it runs through repl.co (firewalledreplit runs through firewalledreplit.co) currently, though it’ll run through replit.dev after Janurary one I believe.

Only the output (and also webview I think) runs through the .co domains. The console and others do not use it.


There is also replit.app for deployments, and soon for web based Repl’s the editor version will be replit.dev.


But that doesn’t actually let you use Replit.

`Thank you @JonathanNitzan

No problem!

Edit: Removed the asking for solution if it helped. It really does kill me inside to post that.

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