OS Shutdown Using Python in a Repl

I’ve known this trick since I started learning python. should I put os.system(“shutdown -t -s 10”) on a repl to prank someone?

Why is this in collaborations?

Well, if this launches a shutdown of the whole operating system, then
1.) I don’t believe this would work here, as Replit is a website, and has no access to OS functions in terms of Desktop.
2.) If it does work, DON’T. Thats insta-ban material right there. For your own good, don’t try it.

Also, wrong category and make sure to put any code snippets like os.system(“shutdown -t -s 10”) that.

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Think you meant to type, “code snippets”.

Also, to use code snippets, use backticks (`) around your code. Triple backticks for code blocks (```)


I’ve moved your post into Code Help because I don’t think you’ve tried this in a Repl.

It will display:

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