Orphaned deployment - still running despite project deleted


This might be one only support can help with, but whilst I wait for a response I thought I’d see if anyone had any other ideas.

On Saturday I used the new Scheduled deployment where a Repl can be set to run on a given schedule. I had it set to every hour. I made further changes to the Repl and redeployed it.

It became clear that the older deployment was still running. It sends an alert to Skack amongst other things and the format and language being used had changed in my code but not on Slack.

I’ve since removed the deployment and deleted the project in the hope this stops it running but it is still going.

It’s frustrating as it’s causing a few issues and I have no control over it. I’ve looked at my deployments section in Replit which shows all deployments and there’s nothing there related to this.

If anyone has any ideas then I’d be very grateful.



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