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My school is considering blocking the normal domain, but leaving the domain open. I’m fine with this because of the increased security it could bring to our school. Plus, it’ll keep students from using proxies and doing things they shouldn’t be doing.

I started testing it out with my class today, but any projects started under the normal domain get a message saying that the Repl was created in non-firewall mode and cannot be opened. It says to “Exit firewall mode” or “Ask the creator to open this Repl in Firewall Mode”.

Obviously, I don’t want them to exit firewall mode, but how can they access their projects that they’ve already started on in regular Replit? Once I post a project in Teams, when a student clicks on it to “Start Working”, it forks a copy to their account. So, technically, they’re the creator, right? How can the existing projects be worked on in


If a repl is opened in normal replit, I am pretty sure it is an intended feature that it is inaccessible from firewalled replit for a while (in my experience at most a day). I don’t really know the details, but there is another recent topic that mentions this feature (but is about something else).


Unfortunately Replit’s a bit confusing like that. You might notice when a student creates a lesson Repl the URL looks similar to @MyEduTeam/MyProject-StudentName. The creator is @MyEduTeam, not @StudentName.

This is definitely annoying to use with Teams. I’ll try pass this onto a Replit Team member to see if they can fix it.


@haroon did Replit get back to you? It’s causing a lot of issues for my students.

Hey @CHRISTINAONG2 welcome to the forums!

Sorry, but I don’t think this will happen since Replit is depreactiating Teams for EDU. You should have gotten an email if you were a teacher/owner of one of the teams. They wont be adding or changing anything because of this, you can read about it here →

If you want suggestions for new things to use or suggest you can find them here, I hope this can you help you in someway →

Again I’m sorry this is happening, and I wish it wouldn’t happen as Teams for EDU was great for getting students/people into programming. If you have any queastions feel free to ask.


Replit is deprecating Teams for EDU.


Thanks for the catch, that’s what I meant to say, but I forgot it isn’t going to be completely removed just not updated.


Nope, they didn’t. I would ask but they’re not supporting Teams for Edu anymore (as said by the lovely people that got here before me) so I wouldn’t depend on anything happening

3 Likes != Teams for Edu.
People use it for other purposes too.
This problem is still relevant.


It’s about Teams for EDU.

I asked Replit staff about this around time the changes about Teams for EDU were announced and they said that there werent any updates on Fire walled Replit yet


The original problem is actually unrelated to Teams for Edu or any teams. I experience the same annoying problem that I cannot access repls from firewalled sometimes. (Most firewalled users are in education though).

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I have found some success following these steps. It isn’t fool proof, but it works most of the time for me and my students and hopefully it will work for you as well.

  1. In case of multiplayer, have all but 1 person close their tabs of the project. Also, if only one person, check that they only have it open in one tab.
  2. Go to the shell and type in “kill 1” and hit enter. IMMEDIATELY close the tab.
  3. Wait a minute and then open the project again from firewalledreplit

Hopefully it works for you as well.


Thanks for this knowledge.
It confirmed some hunches about what was going on that I wasn’t able to prove earlier (for some reason).
If you go to your profile and go to your repls page, there is a Status tab. It shows which repls are awake, but repls can still be awake after the tab is closed. The message that pops up in firewalled mode had seemed to refer or relate to this.

So, an easy method is to close the project, then bring up the status page for your repls (both replit and firewalledreplit will work), then Stop your repl. Now it should be possible to open it in firewalled mode.
Awake repls that were started in normal replit are not available in firewalled until they go to sleep.

I noticed that the repl I tested went to sleep very quickly after I closed the tab. So it was not necessary to Stop the repl in this case, waiting 15 seconds would have had the same effect.

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Sorry to necropost but, I read the email that was sent out to teachers, as I made a Teams for EDU to teach some of my family. In that email they indeed say they are depreciating Teams for EDU, but sometime next year they are completely deleting it and it’s data, step by step they will remove it from Replit: ability to create Teams for EDU’s, docs, data/Teams for EDU, and then they give you the chance to download data before they remove it entirely.

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That’s because that email was sent out after I replied.

The one you’re talking about is the top one, which was only sent out 4 days ago.

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The first two words of OP:

More clearly:

That word isn’t anywhere in that screenshot. They used deprecation.

I know that OP is in education. It doesn’t matter though because there are still people not in Teams for Edu who use firewalledreplit for their own reasons.
A problem being posted by a Teams for Edu user doesn’t mean that the problem is automatically invalid and shouldn’t be fixed.

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Wonder why they sent out another version, maybe they missed the info the first time around?