OpenGL not installed/working on repel

Problem description

Using the love2d engine and I tried to run my program to my surprise OpenGL was no longer available on the host server my repel is on.

Expected behavior

I should be able to create a functioning window

Actual behavior

Errors saying system does not have OpenGL and thus no window can be created

Steps to reproduce

Uhh trying to run any of my projects results in the same error


Replit app



Device if mobile

iPad Pro 2 gen



Found a solution in another forum, the channel variable in .replit is set to the wrong value to update it go to the programs files and click the 3 dots click show hidden files open .replit then at the bottom change the channel variables value to stable-23_11

@mrgriffxys linking the solution for visibility & other users: openGL package not working - #13 by NuclearPasta0