Opencv-python does not work on replit

import cv2
does not work and it will bring some configuration file error.
Expected behavior is that REPLit will correctly install opencv-python
for now, the problem can be overcome by forking an old repl, but it isnt a viable solution. please fix this problem!

Hey @notbmo!

Running OpenCV requires some extra configuration. Because of this, we have released a template that has everything configured and OpenCV installed here:

Please let me know if the template works for you!


How to configure that by myself?

You can copy the .replit and replit.nix files into your Python Repl using the template I provided earlier. If you’re unable to locate the files mentioned, ensure that the “show hidden files” option is enabled in the file tree. You can toggle the visibility of hidden files through the three-dots menu.

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I am using this and opencv works but I now wanted to also use matplotlib and I cannot install it

Hi @Pastori319 , welcome to the forums!
Can you try entering pip install matplotlib into the Shell?

Hi, I copied the files over but it still complains that no module is found. Any suggestions?

Hi @abhidesikan , welcome to the forums!
Could you try this template instead, made by @NuclearPasta0 ?