Only add features if they can be purchased with cycles

Description of the problem (please keep it simple and short):
Several new features and products on Replit have been released recently without being able to be purchased in cycles. I think it would be helpful to users both for convenience and peace of mind to be able to know that all features added to Replit will be purchasable with cycles.

Explain what you were trying to do:
I was trying to use the deployments included with the Hacker plan but could not because I don’t have a payment method connected to my account. Being able to purchase deployments specifically but really anything and everything on Replit with cycles would allow me to use these features as well as to purchase them using the cycles I earn on Replit (not many in my case but other users acquire large amounts of cycles equaling hundreds of US dollars).

What areas or features are involved?
The new deployments are what specifically brought this to my attention but I wish for this to apply to the whole platform.

Repl Cover Page Link/Screenshots/Etc: (to protect you and your code, never share your Repl join link outside of PMs) Not really applicable here.