One student gets invalid response error in HTML/CSS/JS preview

I have 2 teams set up for 2 different sections of the same class. Our assignments all use the basic HTML/CSS/JS template.
There is one student in one of the teams that has run into an “invalid response” error in their preview window when working on some accepted assignments.
e.g. “ sent an invalid response”
They are the only student seeing this error, and it only happens on some assignments.
I have tried to recreate the error myself by switching browsers, switching to a campus guest wifi network, etc, but their assignment Repl opens fine for me.
I am fairly certain that the student has tried different browsers on their laptop and has tried opening the preview in a new window.
Any ideas?

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I think that you have exhausted “user error” here and established that it is something out of the ordinary. I think you should log this as a call with Replit Support by clicking on the ? icon bottom left of any Repl and then click Submit a Bug Report. Support should be able to look more deeply into the issue for you and hopefully help resolve it.

Something (possibly) similar just occurred in my Web Design class. I think it may be somewhat different, as my student did not get an “invalid response” error, but rather “not found”. I looked at his files and noticed that he had renamed index.html to home.html. I renamed it back to index.html and the problem was immediately fixed.

Not sure if this is useful to you sheffie, but posting it here for anyone else who finds this thread.

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Ah, that’s a good point. I don’t think that was the issue in this case since I was still able to open their project myself, but I will definitely keep an eye on any changed file names.

In this case, I’m starting to suspect it was a network issue, because the student seems to think that it’s only been a problem at home and they have been able to open the Repl’s just fine on campus. I’m not sure how/why this would be happening because it sounds like there have been no adjustments to their default router settings, but perhaps someone in the house changed a setting without realizing it!