One new user is going away: Always On and other money grabs

As a new user, I am a bit stunned by all the hidden fees and bait-and-switch.

Replit is very eager to present itself as a host of Discord bots. But they don’t reveal with any clarity that a working Discord bot needs to be Always On and to be Always On and Private you need to pay a minimum of $17/month (and probably more if you are using AI and don’t want the smallest machine).

I can get a much simpler, easier to execute and always on bot on competitors for… nothing. Or, if I want to get super fancy, $5/month.

I assume there are use-cases for replit that make sense.

But for this one use case–Discord Bots–it really is absurdly expensive and way more difficult to use than other alternatives.

But more than anything, I hate that they trick you into staged steps of paying more each time. Core! then VM. It suggests a company focused on pricing tricks and not on customer service.

I may be wrong. I’m new here.

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Hey adam! To host your applications on Replit, you’ll need to use the Replit Core plan, which comes with $10/mo in deployment credits.

If you purchase the annual plan, you get 50% off. So effectively it becomes $10/mo for $10 in hosting credits, AI, unlimited private repls, faster workspace, etc.

Let me know if you have any questions.


I thought you could also just add a credit card and pay that way?

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