One Hundred Days of Code

On every lesson, you can just do print("e") and click “Mark Lesson as Complete”. I got to Day 8 in 5 minutes this way.


The problem is that you aren’t actually doing anything. This is preventing you from learning.


The reason I cheated was to skip the easy parts… I have some experience with Python, so I’m not that much of a beginner

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But as the @T-for-Twofoursixeigh say It prevent from you learning
BTW,Also when I start 100 days of code I also had some experience in Python when started 100 days of code.But 100 days of code introduced me many new things in python like libraries (os,flask,time etc.),some secrets and so on…
I really recommend this 100 days of code


Thanks for the tip. I really like 100 days of code, too, as they put a lot of effort on it. I will not be skipping lessons after lesson ten.