On-Demand Deployment Website Does Not Load

I’m trying to re-deploy my on-demand deployment and it finishes deploying but has a notification at the bottom saying “Channel with name packager already opened”. The website tries to load, but it never succeeds and ends up returning a whole smorgasbord of HTTP errors like 504 (gateway timeout), 403 (forbidden), and 502 (bad gateway).

I have the free plan, and more than $100 worth in Cycles.

Hey @CallumCM!

Thank you for reaching out. Would you mind sending me the link to your Repl that you are deploying so I can take a look?

The Repl is here: https://replit.com/@CallumCM/Taylorizer and here are the Deployment URLs:

  • https://taylorizer.replit.app/
  • https://taylorize.me/
    It loaded fine the first time I visited it on my computer this morning, but the backend doesn’t seem to be responding and upon a second reload it’s now returning HTTP errors again. The standard Repl does work when it is run (you have to give it a moment but after it loads the vector database it works fine).


Hm now it seems not to be able to deploy, despite working fine in the development Repl.

Just redeployed (without changing any code) and it seems to work just fine now! Probably just the Replit gnomes chewing on a RAM stick. If a similar issue occurs again I’ll make sure to document it here.


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