Older Repls not using Scratch Storage

Problem description:
When trying to install NPM modules on this repl I get an OS error.

Expected behavior:
The modules should be properly installed.

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:

  • Find an older Repl
  • Try to install NPM modules on it

Bug appears at this link:

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From my experience, most Repls don’t seem to use scratch disk at all for packages (new python templates included). One thing you can to to reduce storage usage quite a bit (up to ~half the size of the Repl), is to rm -rf .cache, which uses your storage, not scratch for some reason.


This cleared ~200mb of storage but did not solve the issue with installing modules.

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If you re-run that NPM command, could you share the contents of the debug log it generates? (Quick method to move to editor: cp -r ~/.npm/_logs _logs, do remove afterwards for space reasons.)

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I can’t do that I have no more account storage :noooooooo: and I can’t even use the tool I use to lessen account storage :noooooo:

If that’d be mine, you can just run the stuff it does manually if you need to, as long as files aren’t read-only.

i meant i use the repl the repl i am currently experiencing the issue on - Delete High Storage Repls - to delete the repls.

Hey @MiloCat!

Are you still having issues with scratch storage?

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I can double check, but I’m 95% certain that the .cache folder in Repls is still dinging my account storage. (If this isn’t what you meant then I apologize)

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