OG Usernames Found With Tool

So I have a bunch of 3/4 letter usernames, some of which are pretty neat, dm me on here if you want any

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Nice @MiloCat, I did this 5 moths ago with Python Requests!


oh cool, did you find any good ones?
I’ve found a few decent 4 letter words. Sadly all possible 2 char ones are taken. Also, any way to get around ratelimiting? Around 1/4 of the usernames weren’t actually scanned as I received an error 429.

I did, I found 500 3 and 4 letter userames, sadly all 2 letter usernames are taken

yea i got those same results :confused:

I wasn’t ratelimited, what could you send the repl link or the code?

ok, I will dm the link, it’s a modified version of someone else’s