Offline Repls: A Feature Request for a Desktop App and Offline Mode for Replit

Describe your feature request

I would like to request the development of a desktop application for Replit, which allows users to code offline, with the ability to save to the cloud once an internet connection is established. Additionally, I propose the concept of “offline repls” on Replit, where repls are installed and run locally on a user’s machine when internet connectivity is not available.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?

The ability to code offline would be extremely beneficial for users who may not always have access to the internet, or who may have an unreliable internet connection. With an offline desktop application, users can continue to code and work on their projects without worrying about losing progress due to internet connectivity issues. The ability to save to the cloud once a connection is re-established would ensure that work is not lost and is always accessible from any device.


I would like to add a problem that this would solve:
Python Repls can lag substantially as compared to running them on your computer. With an offline feature, the user could download the Repl to their computer and run it without lag, even if they were still using the internet.

I propose that this feature be available for Repls that aren’t yours, so that you can do what I just said on other people’s Repls without forking. Essentially, offline mode could be used as an alternative to purchasing boosts for your Repls.


You could just use vscode for offline coding, but it is a cool feature indeed.


A desktop app? I am working on one from the abandoned one by @leon332157
I did not make the offline mode yet, but it should be coming soon!


Unfortunately, I think this is exactly why Replit is not allowing it. More boosting means more money.


Any updates, on this?


There is one, called


No, the Desktop app is not offline.


They made one already, but without the offline mode
So now I’m just gonna make a modded one with offline mode (or I may still work on the desktop app) (whatever)