Official Replit OAuth?

Are there any plans to ever have an official replit oauth? I think it would be really useful for developers.

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Hey @spidunno welcome to the forums

I believe there is. It has been brought up internally (within the past week) and they said they are working on it I believe.

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Ooo! Thanks for the reply!

Spid you’re perfectly capable of manipulating gql for this purpose.

But the point is for it to be official.

Well, there is “replit auth”

Correct but an admin needs to add it. They also need to make sure us existing users can still access our accounts.

I wasn’t asking for a specific thing I needed to do to interact with a user account, I was asking for OAuth so that you could authenticate your websites to interact with a users Replit account. I am aware that I can use GQL to manipulate a user account but that requires having a connect.sid and is not OAuth.