Odd TL3 bot message bug?

So, I made a post a while back asking if I got demoted from TL3 to TL2. I did, but somehow got a notification about getting TL3 again (it wasn’t genuine). Today, around a month later, I opened my inbox, and got what is presumably a bot post? I am very confused.

Edit: To clarify, this happened after I got demoted.

Can you send a screenshot of the notification? Since There is nothing in the logs or anything were the target was you

I already went over this in an old post: I think I lost my TL3 - #17 by IanAtReplit
but here you go.

I dont see any new notifications about TL3 though.

I know, this was from around a month ago. There was an issue on a false regular notification.
if you look at I think I lost my TL3 - #17 by IanAtReplit. it will show the details

Sorry, I didn’t mean to link a specific comment.

But anything new since then?

Nope, I just decided to question it.

Sorry for the late reply to this. Are you querying because you got the “regular” badge or something else?

I think @AMDryzen5600X was saying that they thought ethan was a bot since ethan thought they were TL3, even though they were demoted from TL3 before.

Also, why is this topic still in #help?

I am asking because when I filed a flag, Ethan replied in a way that suggested I was still TL3, even though I had been demoted a few days before.

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No its because when somebody loses TL3 they keep the flair for some reason. So I manually promote to TL3, remove the flair and then demote back to TL2


finally, a solution to this mess :smiley:

So it was a automated reply bot? Sorry if I’m not understanding.

No I manually do this when I see it

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