October 2021 Updates

Hi Teachers,

Here’s a quick reminder that you are all absolutely crushing it this school year, we :green_heart:u!

If you need a little extra boost, we’ve added a couple quality-of-life updates to make your work easier. Plus, you and your students can get excited for our upcoming game jam! Read on for more…

What’s coming up?

:boom: We invite you and your students to participate in KaJam, the Replit game jam!
Not sure where to get started? Check out our brand new Kaboom curriculum or watch this tutorial by our friends at freeCodeCamp.

What’s New?

:fountain_pen: Our Curriculum Authoring tool enables teachers to create read-only instructions to guide their students. Plus, admin-only lesson plans will help teachers plan and share their curriculum with other educators!

:lock: We’re excited to sign the Student Privacy Pledge, joining hundreds of businesses committed to protecting students and their data. This update is reflected in our existing privacy policy and our new student privacy policy. We believe teachers and students deserve the best and safest tools.

:repeat_one: You can now fork Team Repls into Team Projects using our CLUI tool! Watch the video explainer here.


:white_check_mark: Students can now see when you’ve reviewed their work! Thanks to all who shared this feedback with us!

:100: Speaking of feedback…Take our survey to share your thoughts on using Replit for grading!

Let us know all the creative ways you’ve applied these updates in your classrooms by tagging us on Twitter @Replit!

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We love to hear from you! Ask questions and leave feedback here or email us at contact@replit.com.

Happy coding!