Novice, found bugs and gave up. Is there an improved version coming?



As a novice coder, earlier this year I tried using Replit for the Ghostwriter feature. However, I found it to be very buggy. Some examples:

  • it insisted that it doesn’t have access to the code I would post in a replit file attached to the project, but after arguing that it did have access, it would eventually read the code
  • sometimes posting code from what must have been other users projects as they weren’t related to what I was working on
  • a simple block of code would have 5 “if” statements. I would ask Ghostwriter how many there were, and it would answer 7. I said “that’s wrong, there are actually 4 if statements”. (I said this knowing there were 5). And it then agreed with me that there 4.

As a novice, I need accuracy over agreeableness. So I gave up and canceled.

My question…I realize this tech is early stages, but are there any planned updates that will fix the types of issues that I was having?

Thank you

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This is not really a fixable problem, as AI cannot be easily controlled to be “correct” or “accurate” except with massive improvements (that Replit couldn’t do).
I haven’t really used AI that much, but all AI models are like this or similar to this. They will never be “perfect” or even very accurate. “Simple” questions, they might get wrong because that’s how AI works. There’s no concrete, definite logic behind the answers.

Really, I would only use AI for creative ideas or the most standardized, boilerplate things.