Nothing i use works

im not going to act like i now how to code cause its cool just not my thing. im only on replit to try and find a working unblocker and i know that theres got to be a few that work but that isnt really the problem. my problem is that every single repl i try to fork says unavailable and im going to link a ss of the exact message. it does this with every single repl unblocker or not it doesnt matter what it tries to accomplish. its not my internet because literally everything else on this chromebook works fine. and this only emerged after i was already trying to use the "ultraviolet"unblocker. which was working up to a point where i had to run it again and it started giving me this message. i take it back this chromebook is the only one without goguardian but it literally only has chrome and no other apps available to use on a student account which im on so i cant screenshot but i will copy and past exactly the text it says.

You can’t run this Repl right now.

It may be temporarily unavailable or it may have violated our Terms of Service.If you are the owner of this Repl and believe you should be able to run it, you can try again later or contact support.

thank you whoever decides to help me with this

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Importance Preface if you are using this at school

Replit is currently experiencing a lot of backlash for allowing students to use proxies to bypass school restrictions. This puts replit in a bad light and causes replit to be banned from schools through no fault of it’s own. Please respect this

Sorry to disappoint you, but the usage of proxies is unadvisable on Replit.
Item 24 of Section 4 of the Replit Terms of Service prohibits:

Use the Service to create a proxy with the purpose of circumventing any firewall or other access control measure

Therefore, Replit is likely to automatically block any Repl containing a proxy, and those that are not blocked automatically may be reported. This does not specifically forbid all proxies, but due to this most proxies are generally taken down.

Additionally, Replit tends to automatically kill any repls that attempt to access HTTP proxies.


understandable, im not going to fight a websites tos when i have no buisness there. thanks for making it short and to the point. thanks and have a good day.

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