Repl Ask sign on now uses the email address associated with your Replit account. The purpose of this is to improve connections between Replit and Repl Ask.

If you are having difficulty logging into your old Repl Ask account please (1) check that the email address used is set up correctly in your account settings. (2) delete the new account that has been created in Repl Ask. (3) try logging in again.

If you continue to have issues accessing your original account please post them here so we can investigate.


If you change your email on does it change it on or do you have to do it your self

From what I understand, it should change the email on as well. If not, feel free to email me at and I can change it manually.


My Replit email is not the same as my old Ask account, so I can’t log into there:

current account: @haroon24
old account: @haroon

No problem! Is haroon24 the one with the updated email? I can delete that account and replace the email for haroon with the updated email.

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Hey man. I used this as an alt acccount in case I ever needed it. Now it logs me into this husk of my account every time I come on. Main account is @Tanner-Kennedy. ban this one if you can and I’ll log into the other one. Thanks!

That wont work since it goes by email and not by username. And if you already have an account (witch you do) it uses your id and not your email so Shane needs to change the emails on your other account for you

I’ve reset the email on his account original, so he should be able to login correctly now

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@Tanner-Kennedy Did it work? Are you able to login?

Bans won’t work due to the ids and stuff since your account still exists. Deletion may work though I am not sure. I will leave the decision up to @ShaneAtReplit

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Can I sign in another account in ask replit other than the normal replit one?
Every time I click login it logs into my school account but for replit ask I prefer using my main account with more content

I wanted to delete this account on replit ask but not, is this possible?

Please message or email @ShaneAtReplit with your old username and the email on that account

So I attempted logging into this site to ask a question about how to revert an error in my HTML code, and I can’t log into my account here to ask. I read the notification and can’t find the “delete account” setting for this unintentionally created account. I can’t even change my password (to change my linked email) on because I initially created it using a school google account and later transferred it over to my personal google ACC. it still has it set to my school account and I cannot change anything, even after I’ve typed every password I’ve ever used.

so please help me either recover/change my replit password or enable you to log in with some other service like replit does with GitHub/Facebook/Google.

Dillan Bowman

my main: (

i am unable to login to my replit.ask account every time i hit login it instantly logs me to the account and i need my old comments back please help me

Please message @ShaneAtReplit or email him with your old username and the email on that account.

im not sure of the username i dont rember it exactly but ill do my best

i cant message him i dont have the button to message

No worries! Can you email me at instead?

sure i have to wait till i get home from school cause our email system here dont allow out of orginization emails