Not recovered yet?

Replit says they recovered already but I’m still seeing issues. I live in the west coast.


It doesn’t say Replit fully recovered from that.

me also have the same problem .How to solve it @LenaAtReplit

Please do not ping people that were not already involved in the thread, especially staff members. You cannot solve this yourself. Replit is working to solve it. Visit for more details.
Also there is already a topic for information about this issue:
Outage: readonly filesystems, connection failures, and other errors

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I was just wondering since the error isn’t a read only file. The file seems to have been deleted

Regardless it’s best not to ping staff unless absolutely necessary. Generally a mod will ping them if they need to be involved.


Can we get a link to our Repl? I’ll get this over to engineering to take a look into for you. Thanks!

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I am seeing the logs.json file in that Repl. Are you having any further issues?

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