Not letting me run firefox

why wont it let me run firefox is just says like config, .replit backup, Packager files

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Hey @JORDANMURPHY4 welcome to the forums!

The Run button no longer exists unless it is a deployment. Due to recent changes you will have to Fork unless the creator Deploys the Repl, in that case you will be able to run it like normal. These changes apply to normal console based programs like Python, C, etc. too, but there is no way to deploy them unless you set up some kind of server to run it (like Flask for Python) and use an Autoscale Deployment.


@SalladShooter ty for the help why did they remove the run button?

@JORDANMURPHY4 I don’t really know, the community believes it is do to them trying to be like GitHub and more competitive (GitHub is owned by Microsoft).

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ok ty for the help have a good day

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how do i mark it as a solution

Press the button under the post that says :ballot_box_with_check: Solution.

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did i do it is the right post

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Uh, no? Replit isn’t owned by Google afaik

The run button has been removed from all cover pages, regardless of if it has a deployment.

For more information, see the blogpost:

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Oh, someone said that :person_shrugging:.

So you have to fork even for deployments? Or is there a way to get the Webview like before?

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Okay but who is “someone”? If it’s not staff then don’t go around saying it tbh.

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yall know firefox on replit right

how would i be able to run it?

@JORDANMURPHY4 you should be able to fork the Repl and run it.

it keeps saying “This repository possibly violates our Terms of Service. Contact support if you believe this is a mistake , error forking repl.” is this normal

Then the Firefox repl likely violates the part of the ToS that forbids you from using Replit to bypass a firewall/blocking tool.


ok nvm i found a new firefox its forking now