Not getting url

hello all,
i have created a channel and have my channel in and token,which i have copy pasted as secret key.but somehow i am not able to generate an url though i get a message of “your bot is alive”.there is no url over there.

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Hi @piyupandya940 , welcome to the forums!
If your repl is a bot, why do you need a url?
Also, to make your bot be 99.9% uptime, you need to deploy it as a Reserved VM, with the Background worker.


thanks for the reply…i trying from past 2 days and i have a channel id and token of telegram bot want to make a bot which sends snapshots from trading view to telegram. i have followed the path which was shown in a refrence video…but still url is not generated and i want that url to test it in postman to send an alert.can please help me…where am i wrong?

one more thing i want to know is ,is it require paid membership of replit to deploy bot as Reserved VM?

Could you send a link to your repl?
Also, does your repl have a webserver?
For Reserved VMs, you need to pay, but you don’t need the plan.

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here is my replit id
ohk, I can pay for VM but will this solve my problem of not getting url?
any idea?

Hi @piyupandya940 !
May I ask why you would need a link for the repl? Wouldn’t pinging it on Telegram work?
Also, since your repl is a webserver bot, you might want to deploy it as Autoscale instead. Autoscale will help it generate a url.

actually I came to know about this video of sending snapshot of trading view to telegram
channel as an alert.
in this video the guy is showing that after getting URL I need to check it it on postman to verify
text message alert on telegram and I am not able to reach at that point due to no URL generation

I see. Reserved VM > Background worker will give you a url, though the page won’t show anything. Try using that url that they would provide (under Reserved VM >Background worker).
If that doesn’t work, deploy as Autoscale and use that url given.

what I understood from your answer is that i need to purchase for reserved VM right??and will solve my problem or else I need to go with auto scale

Try Reserved VM > Background worker and get that url.
If that doesn’t work, try Autoscale, and use the url provided then.
You’ll need to pay either way.