Not found while running html file

Hello everyone, I am new at replit, forgive me if i am not using the community feature properly.
I am trying to code html in replit… but unable to see the output… when i rename or delete the default file(index.html) after creating the html template i cannot see the output i am getting the not found error in the output screen. Can anyone help me with this?

Hey, @romesh-at-replit welcome to the forums.

You would need to edit the .replit file and add (or edit if there is already one) the entry point pointing towards the file you want to run.

From my other answer.

No worries you are doing everything just fine.

Hi @romesh-at-replit, with an HTML repl, the root page is always index.html. you cannot change this as this is convention. If you have a file already written with a different name, you can just rename that to index.html if you need.

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