Not Found for HTML Project (GitHub Cloned)

I’ve been working on this project for a few months now without issue. I was happy with the general state of the project and wanted to make a new version of it.

Initially, I switched to a different branch, but running the repl would only show main branch changes, like the cache was stuck, so I made a new repl, and forked the repo so I could work from that main branch.

Now it won’t run at all. Just shows the “Not Found” error with binoculars (404 I’m guessing). There is definitely an index.html file there, and I even went and deleted any copies of the project that might be taking up space so I am definitely under the 500MB limit (about 120MB total right now).

Why won’t the project run!?

Here’s the project:

EDIT: Just also attempted to create a blank HTML repl, the boilerplate index.html runs, but once I import from github and clear out the old index file, it won’t run. I then tried renaming the repo index to something else, creating a new index.html and throwing some hello world content in there and it runs. So I pasted the content of the repo index file in and it runs, but none of the repo content displays (meaning images and content not part of the created index file won’t load.

Seems like somehow anything imported from github is not loading properly, even though it all shows in the file browser.

Still stuck.

Also noticed that the github repo had the hidden Replit files (.replit, .nix, etc.), so I removed those from the repo to see if that helped. Started a clean template, imported, same issue.

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