Not Able To Type Commands in the Console

I am trying to use the console as a calculator and it is not working

code snippet

When in console I am writing:

3 + 3
“I get”
bash: 3: command not found

You need to put in the file:


Thanks that works, but should I not be able to just write “3 + 3” and get the result in console? Without using the file

@aleksandar92 aleksander92 This was a Prybar feature and was removed from the default Python template. If you’d like to use it, make a project with the Python (with Prybar) template


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cc: @QwertyQwerty88 @dragonhunter1 @MattDESTROYER @Firepup650

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nothing appears in the Console

Can you send us a screenshot showing the problem, or a link to the repl where the problem occurs?

I choose python(with prybar), and it still did not work

You’ll have to run the Repl before you can run commands in the console on a Prybar template.


Could you invite me to your repl so that I can provide further help? My username is RedCoder.

Yep. Thanks found it. Now all I have to do is to tell the 350 school kids I teach using Replit to do the same. It is a very useful debugging tool. I wondered where ii went.

You can still use the Python (with Prybar) template.

OK, now I see the work-around. When creating a new Repl you need to choose “Python (with Prybar)”.

For the education repls “Python (with Prybar)” needs to be the default. What’s the point of a learning repl without a live console?

Please make a Feature Requests for this.

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