Not Able To Run Featured Projects

On any user’s profile page, you cannot run most projects on that the user has pinned on their profile page. Instead, if you press the run button, it plays the first showcased project.

@RedCoder So on the second pinned repl, it’ll run the first?

Doesn’t happen for me, can you elaborate?

@NateDhaliwal Yes, that is what happens.

@codingMASTER398 Look above :arrow_up:

I tried it, and it ran everything ok. What’s the profile/s that you’re seeing this on?

@codingMASTER398 All of them, really.

@NateDhaliwal @codingMASTER398 Here’s a recording of the bug:

RedCoder (Austin F) - Replit and 8 more pages - Personal - Microsoft_ Edge 2023-10-14 07-38-05