Not able to pull changes from Github

It says that I cannot pull change because of uncommitted changes, but I cannot push changes as well(but those file are files I didn’t change)

Hi @KennethChan8 , welcome to the forums!
Did someone else edit the files? Or a pull request?
If not, can you disconnect Github and then reconnect it? Go to to do this.

Hi @NateDhaliwal , thank you for answering but I have no other editors, the problem is the files made by Repilt in order for the code to run will not push to Github but I cannot delete the files else the website will not run the code, but I do not know how to deal with this problem, but this is one of my pretty important project. I am very thankful for your suggestion though :slight_smile:

Those are system files of replit, but should be able to be pushed. What is the error message you see?

there is no error message, but I cannot click on the Stage and commit all changes button, which bugs me

You need to type in a message. Have you typed in a commit message?

Sorry for the late reply, but no I didnt what is it?

@KennethChan8 you are supposed to type in a commit message to be able to commit. Try doing that.

sorry for the super-late reply, I was, y’know, banned for 10 days…