Not Able To Login to Replit Desktop App

Problem description:
if you uninstalled you can’t login again in the app

Expected behavior:
login complete and entering the account data

Actual behavior:
stuck in login loop
Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:

Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank):
Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA:
Plan (Free, Hacker, Pro Plan):

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On the page where it infinitely loads, it says Your Browser should open automatically, if it doesn't click here . Where it says click here in the blue coloring, please press that.


It did’nt work cause the browser opens but the app doesn’t sign me in

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@MutasimAli2 This is currently a bug with the app. I’m pretty sure that the team is aware of it and is working to fix it.


OK thanks i will be waiting

Hey @MutasimAli2!

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cc: @QwertyQwerty88 @dragonhunter1 @MattDESTROYER @Firepup650


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Hi @MutasimAli2, are you still experiencing the issue? This should have been fixed as of a few hours ago.


:smile: thanks its fixed right now :

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